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Underwater Camera Try-Outs

If you are new to underwater photography to a point where you have never tried it, or just don’t own one, you can still participate in the Underwater Festival Shootout competition by using one of the FLEET of Sealife Cameras we have organised.

Sealife Camera hire is FREE for anybody who books a shoot-out pass and we should have enough cameras, so you can keep one for all the dives you are planning (of course this is subject to demand, so book your shootout pass early).

We will have the Sealife DC1000 available as demo cameras as unfortunately the DC1200 will only become available from mid May – however the DC1000 is a fantastic camera and some of the specs are even better than the DC1200 which will replace it soon.

Anybody trying these fantastic cameras can enter their photos into either the compact or the novice category. The winner of the Novice category will walk away with their own brand new Sealife DC1200 camera.

The rest of the Sealife test pilots will be offered cameras at very special rates at the end of the week.

This is a fantastic opportunity to get your appetite wet for underwater photography and who knows you might walk away with a fantastic prize.

If you want to prepare for the shoot-out, consider booking in for one of Mathieu Meur’s Photography Workshops or buying his Digital Underwater Photography book.

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